Estimate/Assessment: A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (Arnold) Maryland


NOTE: This case aired on Season 5 and an update of the Discovery Networks television series “A Haunting” on the Destination America channel.



Discovery Networks/Destination America: A Haunting (Season 5 Episode 2)




ASSESSMENT: Analysis of audio and video provided ample, clear and firm indications of a portal haunting, with streams of EVP from multiple and varied entities. There were differences in pitch/tone/accent across EVP. The content of remarks has at times a religious cast. Many EVP were close to the noise floor and indicates the need for higher quality audio equipment. (5-6 Nov 2011)


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County: Case File 5-6 Nov 2011 Arnold, Maryland – UPDATE


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County: Case File 5-6 Nov 2011 Arnold, Maryland


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (“We Act So Stupid”)





ASSESSMENT: Core spirit personas may be emerging in EVP. First names such as “David” and “Lorraine” were captured in EVP in direct response to queries. There were limited indications in EVP that some physical activity could be attributed to spirit entities. A female entity was seemingly identified as the origin of unexplained pounding noises on a bedroom wall. Another entity in EVP disavowed moving a camera. There were mixed indications in EVP that entities could have manipulated outdoor floodlight motion sensors. A large slow-moving orb was noted in infrared surveillance camera footage after the floodlight event however airborne dust remains a natural explanation for this activity. (19-20 Nov 2011)


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County: Case File 19-20 Nov 2011 Arnold, Maryland – UPDATE


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (“There You Have It”)





ASSESSMENT: The tempo and level of invective type remarks in EVP has generally increased as well as their precision. Such remarks appear to have been directed against all parties connected to this haunting, and in some instances by name, nickname or personal circumstances. Supportive remarks in EVP and RTC, though fewer by comparison, continue to be directed primarily at the client. The client and resident family members have reported movement or displacement of objects, scratching sounds, and footsteps. The investigation noted consistency in responses across RTC and followon EVP sessions. There were more reflections in EVP/RTC from (and about) the entity self-identified as “David”, who appears to communicate supportive remarks/responses to the client. RTC appeared to yield striking content but also introduced radiofrequency and white noise artifacts. (17-18 Dec 2011)


Example EVP/RTC findings from 17-18 Dec 2011 investigation include:


They Dont Know Why

Your Heart Is Wrong

Hear Me

Why Hate Another

Unless It Should Be Heard

These Apparitions

David Sent To Cathy


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (“Yes Cathy”)





ASSESSMENT: The haunting continues from apparently multiple/core entities. However, invective remarks in EVP/RTC have abated, and the darker cast to the haunting seemed absent. The client reports the atmospherics of the home are generally calmer, however she continues to experience apparitions. The client adopted folklore mitigation measures that appeared to help reduce activity. The impromptu investigation mainly employed RTC and yielded more insights on a possible core entity named “David”, who appeared to convey supportive remarks/responses to the client, and seems to exhibit a recognizable speech pattern. The investigation provided only fragmentary insights on the origin of the haunting, and on why it continues. (24 Jun 2012)


Example EVP/RTC findings from the 24 Jun 2012 investigation include:


Uriel [** Audio quality is poor]

The Spirit Doesn’t

We’ve Got This


A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (“Save Us God”)




ASSESSMENT: This follow-up investigation employed the full complement of technical capabilities to include sound stages (digital recorders, mixers, dynamic microphones), along with data acquisition to continuously monitor environmental conditions, as well as digital imaging in the infrared spectrum. Focus areas were the basement and master bedroom. Preliminary indications suggest visitations continue from a handful of benign earthbound presences. (10-11 Aug 2013)


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