Parapsychology and paranormal research attempt to understand the frontiers of human experience and potential.


They examine how the interplay of consciousness, capacities and communication can obtain information beyond sensory mechanisms, interact with the environment beyond known physical laws and survive beyond physical existence.


Survival research specifically explores whether human personality, or elements of it, continues after bodily death and encompasses such topics as reincarnation, near-death experiences, mediumship as well as ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings.


Maryland Paranormal Research ® conducts investigations of paranormal phenomena through technical means.


Our focus involves a blend of the physical sciences, technology and parapsychology for research, discovery and exploration of paranormal phenomena with emphasis on instrumental trans-communication


Our methods involve the use of professional audio sound stages, video/photo imaging in invisible spectra of light and data acquisition via machine-synchronized sensors.


Our means include technical equipment for audio, visual, and environmental observation, sensing and measurement to provide an integrated/layered picture of events.


Before any investigation, we conduct historical, property, genealogical and other area research to understand the timelines and context of reports and claims.


Maryland Paranormal Research® only investigates and documents potential paranormal activity. We refer clients to other resources, such as their local clergy, to help mitigate a haunting.


All investigations are confidential. With permission, Maryland Paranormal Research® may publish/share selected findings within agreed guidelines that preserve the client’s privacy.


Maryland Paranormal Research ® is registered trademark and was founded October 1, 2011.


We have been featured in local and national media including: University of Maryland; Baltimore Fishbowl; The Diamondback; and on the TV series A Haunting (Discovery Networks).


For training and research purposes, we undertake two or more ghost expeditions at historic locations per year (Spring/Fall).


In 2012, expeditions were conducted at University of Maryland, College Park, and Historic Savage Mill.


In 2013, expeditions were conducted at Historic Cockey’s Tavern, Westminster MD, and Brunswick Heritage Museum, Brunswick MD.


In 2014 expeditions were conducted in Maryland and Pennsylvania at: Sykesville Town House (Sykesville MD); Benson-Hammond House (Linthicum Heights MD); Mount Ida Home (Ellicott City MD); Abel Colley Tavern (Smock PA); and Nemacolin Castle (Brownsville PA).


In 2015 expeditions were conducted in Leonardtown MD (Tudor Hall and Old County Jail) with assistance from Maryland Ghost Trackers, Oakland MD (B&O Railroad Museum) and Salisbury MD (Poplar Hill Mansion)


To support field research and join an expedition at a historic location, please visit our Patreon page


DSC03008 - 468-351

Senior investigators Elizabeth and Michael conduct audio session in Arnold MD © Maryland Paranormal Research ®


DSC02935 - 468-351

Senior investigator Elizabeth Saint taking a break after EVP session in Arnold MD © Maryland Paranormal Research ®






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