Paranormal Investigation Findings


Poplar Hill Mansion/Salisbury MD (“Poplar Hill”) Experimental RTC/Hardware Noise Filtering [Original Audio]


Poplar Hill Mansion/Salisbury MD (“For Our Personal Survival”) Experimental Audio/Induction EVP


Haunting in Prince George’s County 2015/Beltsville MD (“It’s Her Hand I Won’t Let Go Of”)


Haunting in Prince George’s County 2014/Beltsville MD (“Don’t Tell Me You Cant Hear It”) Comparison of Human and Electronic Voice Phenomena


Tudor Hall Mansion/Leonardtown MD (“Joseph Key and Fanny”) Experimental RTC/Hardware Noise Filtering


Haunting in Anne Arundel County/Arnold MD 2014 (“Get Out”) Experimental Video Imaging/Eulerian Video Magnification


Haunting in Anne Arundel County/Arnold MD 2011 (“There You Have It”)


Haunting in Prince Georges County/MD 2016 (“She Could See Him”)


Cockey’s Tavern/Westminster MD (“Take Them To Private Gruber”)


Historic Savage Mill (“Go Find Ms King”)


University of Maryland/Rossborough Inn (“Benjamin”)


University of Maryland/Rossborough Inn (“Betty. Talk to Them Please”)


Haunting in Anne Arundel County 2013/Arnold MD (“Who Says We’re Doing This Stuff?”)


NOTE: The most current audio and video findings are archived and accessible via the Maryland Paranormal Research Facebook and YouTube pages.


YouTube: marylandparanormaltv


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