A Haunting in Anne Arundel County: Case File 5-6 Nov 2011 Arnold, Maryland – UPDATE


5-6 November 2011 (UPDATE): As of 18 December 2011, a total of three paranormal investigations have been conducted at the client residence (Anne Arundel County, Maryland).  All have indicated paranormal/ghost activity.


The preponderance of findings continue to come from audio. However, in the course of audio analysis, it became necessary to sample and filter out ventilation noise. This technique was applied to audio from the November 5-6, 2011 investigation, and the analysis was updated.


As a result, EVP collection uptake increased significantly. Literally “streams” of EVP were obtained across all classes. There was minimal-to-no attenuation of previously rendered EVP. On balance, much more useful audio was gained than lost from the application of the noise-filtering technique.


Analysis of noise-filtered files also indicates the client location was far more active than previously reported. And the scope of the haunting has proved far wider than initially assessed. Some EVP were too disturbing to post.




AUDIO: EVP suggests the possible presence of multiple, interacting ghosts/entities in the client’s home. Some EVP contained “in group” references; examples were: ( “We Act So Stupid” ) and ( “Were Faxing Em Up” ). Other EVP provided “out group” references.


There were indications of one (or more) hostile male entities who readily responded to provocation, even when inadvertent. Some examples were ( “Im Going To Hit Him” ) and ( “You Know I’m Not Afraid” ). There were indications of at least one possible hostile female entity; a Class C example EVP was ( “I Dont Give a Crap” ).


Although fragmentary, portions of audio could be characterized as protective or hostile toward the client. Examples were ( “He Was Sent to [Hurt] Her” ) and ( “Have You Read My Evil – Damn You” ). An possible example of a supportive EVP was ( “Your Upsetting Her” ).


Content of EVP ranged from the profane to the pious. One Class C EVP suggested the client’s deceased brother was present. Several invectives were hurled at the investigator in some cases using the investigator’s name. In reponse to the client’s question, “Do you come in the name of the Lord?”, several Class C EVP fragments were heard to possibly include ( “The Body of Christ – Is He There For You ?” ).


In one EVP, a pious entity appeared to join the client in the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer ( “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” ) ** though an instance of a reverberation effect cannot be ruled out.


VIDEO: As reported earlier, no apparations were seen/recorded. However, there was pronounced orb-activity around the client during one audio/video session. While this orb activity may still be explained as dust or insects, the sheer volume of audio compelled a re-examination of the orbs.


In one instance, an orb appears to move in front of the client when she requested an entity appear in front of her. The orb activity was soon followed by a possible disembodied voice in Class C EVP that had complained ( “You Don’t Have a Single Idea …” )


ELECTROMAGNETIC: No new/revised findings from the first report. However, EVP indicates some ghosts/entities were quite aware of home appliances, even helping to acsertain why an EMF meter had alarmed ( “Arrest the Fool… The Computer… The Thing’s Off” ).


MOVEMENT/PHYSICAL: As reported earlier, no objects were seen to be displaced or moved. EVP provided more indications that some ghosts/entities were aware of making knocks/taps near the client, or had perhaps wanted to, example ( “I Just Lucked Out” ).


CASE ASSESSMENT/UPDATE: There were ample, though not always consistently clear, indications of a haunting, with streams of EVP from varied possible entities. Responses to questions generally appeared to be specific, direct, context-relevant and/or were phrase/sentence-length.


Even after the application of noise filtering techniques, the overall quality of the enhanced audio is at best moderate. This report provided some examples of Class C EVP which well within the noise floor and were barely audible. While the audio streams appeared to have context-relevance, they also point to the need for a higher quality of audio equipment.


Possible personalities emerged in audio that appeared to be supportive or hostile. There also seems at times a religious cast to the audio with indications of what some might describe as “demons” or “angels” as suggested by the tenor of some audio content. However, would say these are angels and demons, not in a biblical sense, but in a more modern context i.e. protective or harmful spiritual beings.


Audio findings can never provide proof of ghosts. Since the ultimate source/origin of the audio is unknown, one cannot prove that any audio findings came from non-corporeal beings. Moreover, audio collection equipment typically is not shielded from radiofrequency (RF) transmissions. RF cannot be ruled out as a potential audio source; this is especially the case for Class C EVP.


The reasons for this apparent haunting are unknown. Rudimentary social network analysis around the client reveals 2-3 persons that were engaged in various occult practices with 1-3 degrees of separation from the client.


The client herself is a devout Catholic. Skeptics could argue this perhaps influences the religious contours of the haunting if for no other reason than the nature of some of the questions posed. Needless to say, the client has little-to-no control over the responses heard, nor events that are unfolding.


NOTE: The most current audio and video findings are archived and accessible via the Maryland Paranormal Research Facebook and Tumblr pages. See the ASSESSMENT: A Haunting in Anne Arundel County (Arnold) Maryland page for a rolling analytic review of this case.

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