Maryland Paranormal Research ® is based in Anne Arundel County and our primary service area is the entire state of Maryland (MD)


Our broader service area includes: Delaware (DE); Pennsylvania (PA); New Jersey (NJ); Virginia (VA); West Virginia (WV); and District of Columbia (DC)


Investigative work is pro bono. No fee is charged for investigation services to homeowners and small businesses


Consulting is available for corporate clients in connection with media, documentary or research projects


As circumstances require, we can conduct out-of-area investigations at distances ranging up to a 12 hour drive


Maryland Paranormal Research ® is a small core team that uses matrixed support from experienced DC/VA/MD metro area investigators. Staff biographies are available on request


If interested in becoming an investigator, please send an e-mail outlining your background, experiences, and skill sets


To support field research and join an expedition at a historic location, please visit our Patreon page


To schedule a presentation, demonstration or public speaking event, please make contact by e-mail or phone


For general questions about hauntings, please consult the slideshare presentation Ghosts, Poltergeists and Hauntings


For an opinion on photographic anomalies, please email the original versions of the photo(s) in question for image analysis. The same applies for other forms of audio-visual media


For paranormal investigation services, please consider using the confidential case submission form, or make contact by phone or email.


The case form helps with assembling the fact pattern for the case and assists clients in documenting the what/where/when of reported activity, event timelines and witnesses, previous experiences and property/area histories


There are varieties of exceptional experiences involving high psi-functioning that may accompany or stand apart from hauntings


See the slideshare presentation Parapsychology for Paranormal Research to understand the range of psi or post-mortem survival experiences


Many uncommon experiences can be misattributed as paranormal. If haunting claims primarily point to ongoing and possibly undiagnosed medical/health issues, we advise consulting a physician


See portions of the Paranormal Research FAQ for examples of health/wellness issues that some may mistake as paranormal


If there is no answer on the phone, please leave a message and our staff will follow-up shortly thereafter


A paranormal investigation is more a search for answers than a search for ghosts


Every investigation requires signed legal agreements to include mutual and information releases. Maryland law requires that signatories to contracts cannot be minors. Clients must be eighteen years or older.


Phone: 410-988-4102









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